This Local Beauty Blogger Empowers Women & Spreads Positivity

Priyanka Patel started Glamour & Giggles in 2013 as a place to share her thoughts and opinions – something that wasn’t always easy for her as a self-described introvert. Through her blog she discovered a passion for beauty and self care and has since shifted the focus of Glamour & Giggles to align with those topics.

“My mission through Glamour & Giggles is to promote individuality by sharing my life experiences as a first generation Indian American following a non-traditional path,” she explained. “The blog provides authentic, enriching reviews and content related to self care.”

Patel, who was born and raised in Southern California, moved to Kentucky in 2014. At the time, she had no idea what she wanted to do with her life. She ended up getting a Masters in Health Administration at the University of Kentucky. She currently works part-time in the healthcare industry but spends the rest of her time taking photos, editing them, creating content and managing her social media pages. (Her Instagram account alone has more than 38,000 followers).

But unlike most beauty fanatics, Priyanka sort of stumbled into the world of makeup and skincare in her early 20’s.

“I remembering purchasing my first ever eyeliner, concealer and lipstick from Sephora at Fayette Mall,” she recalled. Makeup quickly became a way for her to tap into her creative side and even boosted her confidence.

“What I love about beauty is that there are no rules,” she explained. “It allows people to channel their inner artist and promotes uniqueness. Anyone can partake in it, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or expert.” Still, she acknowledges there is a negative side to social media and the beauty industry and it’s something she’s working to counteract with Glamour & Giggles.

“Social media can create high standards and it’s easy to forget that we’re only seeing a few minutes or seconds of someone’s life,” she said. “But these high standards are why people should embrace their own beauty. It sounds cliché but beauty comes within.”

She admits that it’s not always easy to remain positive but finds perspective by keeping her personal goals in mind and surrounding herself with empowering and uplifting people.

What are your 3 favorite beauty products?

– Highlighter because I love to glow. (Like, I wear too much highlighter for my own good but I’m okay with that!)
– Eyeliner because cat eyes and wings give me a whole new level of confidence
– Lipstick because it has the power to completely change a look!

What’s the most important makeup tip or trick you’ve learned?

100% to make skin care a priority because makeup won’t apply nearly as well without a healthy base. Also – don’t ever sleep with make up on (I’m still working on that).

What’s the best piece of advice you have for someone who wants to start a blog like yours?

Don’t overthink it and go for it! There are TONS of great resources of there for aspiring bloggers and I’m always an email or DM away to point you in the right direction. Also, don’t expect things to be perfect from the start because there will be bumps along the way.

Favorite place to shop in Lexington?

I’m obsessed with The Summit at Fritz Farm! There are so many fun shops and it’s a great place to be with friends and family.



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